Police Emergency services

Tasmania Police - ring 000 in all emergencies

The Safe at Home criminal justice response to family violence includes an increased role for Police in family violence incidents. Police undergo specific family violence training to enable them to better respond to family violence incidents.

Family Violence Response and Referral Line - 1800 633 937

The line, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays, through the Tasmania Police radio room, offers an information and referral service by which callers are able to access the full range of response, counselling, information and other support services provided by Safe at Home.

If victim safety is at risk or in question, the call will be transferred to the police radio dispatch area for an immediate police response. If victim safety is not at immediate risk or in question, the call will be actively transferred to an appropriate counselling or support service for further assistance.

In all emergencies ring 000.

Tasmania Police Family Violence Unit

Formally known as the Victim Safety Response Team (VSRT), the Tasmania Police Family Violence Unit (FVU) is responsible for assessment and monitoring of all family violence incidents in their relevant police District, and is particularly focused on perpetrator accountability. FVU members are not primary responders for family violence.

The FVUs deliver a range of services with a focus on improving victim safety and holding perpetrators of family violence to account. These include

  • contributing to assessment of the level of risk to a victim
  • participating in the investigation of serious family violence incidents
  • liaising with Safe At Home partners to ensure that effective safety strategies are in place for family violence victims
  • gathering evidence and supporting information for a Family Violence Order application
  • arranging the upgrade of security of the victims home, in certain circumstances